How to install mkntfs

mkntfs is the command used to create ntfs file system. Which means to format usb pen drive with NTFS file system. You can't find this command in your machine unless it's instlled. Let's see how to do it.

To get this command ntfsprogs package should be installed. ntfsprogs is package by The Linux-NTFS project to give full support for ntfs in linux. Once this package installed ntfs utilities like mkntfs,ntfscat,ntfsls,ntfsresize and ntfsundelete will be installed on your linux machine to give full support for ntfs file system. To install this package via yum you need to have epel repository configured on your system. see how to configure epel

[root@manny ~]# yum install ntfsprogs

Now check for mkntfs by using  following command

[root@manny ~]# which mkntfs

If mkntfs is installed you'll see the path of the file as /sbin/mkntfs or else out put will be like no mkntfs.

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